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  Excerpt MDH Rules - Chapter 4658 - 0050, 0055, 0060 

4658.0050 LICENSEE.

Subpart 1. General duties. The licensee of a nursing home is responsible for its management, control, and operation. A nursing home must be managed, controlled, and operated in a manner that enables it to use its resources effectively and efficiently to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident. 
Subp. 2. Specific duties. The licensee must develop  written bylaws or policies for the management and operation of the nursing home and for the provision of resident care, which must be available to all members of the governing body, and must assume legal responsibility for matters under its control, for the quality of care rendered and for compliance with laws and rules relating to the safety and sanitation of nursing homes, or which otherwise relate directly to the health, welfare, and care of residents.
Subp. 3. Responsibilities. A licensee is responsible for: 
A. Full disclosure of each person having an interest of ten percent or more of the ownership of the home to the department with any change reported in writing within 14 days after the licensee knew of or should have known of the transfer, whichever occurs first. In case of corporate ownership, the name and address of each officer and director must be specified. If the home is organized as a partnership, the name and address of each partner must be furnished. In the case of a home operated by a lessee, the persons or business entities having an interest in the lessee organization must be reported and an executed copy of the lease agreement furnished. If the home is operated by the holder of a franchise, disclosure must be made as to the franchise holder who must also furnish an executed copy of the franchise agreement. 
B. Appointment of a licensed nursing home administrator who is responsible for the operation of the home in accordance with law and established policies and whose authority to serve as administrator is delegated in writing. 
C. Notification of the termination of service of the administrator and the appointment of a replacement within five working days in writing to the department. If a licensed nursing home administrator is not available to assume the position immediately, notification to the department must include the name of the person temporarily in charge of the home. The governing body of a nursing home must not employ an individual as the permanent administrator until it is determined that the individual qualifies for licensure as a nursing home administrator in Minnesota under Minnesota Statutes, section 144A.04. The governing body of the nursing home must not employ an individual as an acting administrator or person temporarily in charge for more than 30 days unless that individual has secured an acting administrator license, as required by Minnesota Statutes, section 144A.27.
D. Provision of an adequate and competent staff and maintenance of professional standards in the care of residents and operation of the nursing home. 
E. Provision of facilities, equipment, and supplies for care consistent with the needs of the residents. 
F. Provision of evidence of adequate financing, proper administration of funds, and the maintenance of required statistics. A nursing home must have financial resources at the time of initial licensure to permit full service operation of the nursing home for six months without regard to income from resident fees.


Subpart 1. Designation. A nursing home must designate a licensed nursing home administrator to be in immediate charge of the operation and administration of the nursing home, whether that individual is the licensee or a person designated by the licensee. The individual must have authority to carry out the provisions of this chapter and must be charged with the responsibility of doing so.
Subp. 2. (Repealed 5-4-2001)
Subp. 3. Administrator's absence; requirements. The administrator must not leave the premises without delegating authority to a person who is at least 21 years of age and capable of acting in an emergency and without giving information as to where the administrator can be reached. At no time may a nursing home be left without competent supervision. The person left in charge must have the authority to act in an emergency.
Subp. 4. Notice of person in charge. The name of the person in charge at the time must be posted at the main entrance of the nursing home. 


The administrator is responsible for the:
A. maintenance, completion, and submission of reports and records as required by the department;
B. formulation of written policies, procedures, and programs for operation, management, and maintenance of the nursing home;
C. current personnel records for each employee according to part 4658.0130; 
D. written job descriptions for all positions which define responsibilities, duties, and qualifications that are readily available for all employees;
E. work assignments consistent with qualifications and the work load;
F. maintenance of a weekly time schedule which shows each employee's name, job title, hours of work, and days off for each day of the week. The schedule must be dated and communicated to employees. The schedules and time cards, payroll records, or other written documentation of actual time worked and paid for must be kept on file in the home for three years; 
G. orientation for new employees and volunteers and provision of a continuing in-service education program for all employees and volunteers to give assurance that they understand the proper method of carrying out all procedures; 
H. establishment of a recognized accounting system; and 
I. the development and maintenance of channels of communications with employees, including:
    (1) distribution of written personnel policies to employees;
    (2) regularly scheduled meetings of supervisory personnel;
    (3) an employee suggestion system; and
    (4) employee evaluation. 


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